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Tips in Dressing and Grooming the Elderly

Tips in Dressing and Grooming the Elderly

Dressing a senior loved one is one of the most challenging tasks. To help this process run more smoothly, here are ways that you can do which professional caregivers providing in-home care in South Hills, Pennsylvania would suggest:

  • Choose Comfortable Clothes
    Pick clothes that will not pinch your loved ones’ skin that may cause sore. They may find it easier to put on clothes with elastic or Velcro closures instead of buttons, ties, or buckles.
  • Encourage Sitting While Getting Dressed
    Trying to maintain balance while getting dressed can be challenging for older adults. Let them sit on the bed or a chair while you guide each piece of clothing onto their body. Though this might seem like a little bit of extra work for you, it can speed up the entire process.
  • Be Sensitive
    Dressing and grooming a loved one is a personal task, so it is important to take their wishes into account. Simple actions, such as draping a towel or blanket while grooming, may make them feel less awkward. Consider hiring a professional caregiver that provides home care services in Pennsylvania to help you.
  • Don’t Neglect Skin Care
    Seniors typically have dry, thin skin that is prone to getting sores, cracks, and cuts. Therefore, it is essential to pay attention to their skin when assisting with grooming. Gently apply a water-soluble moisturizer daily in dry areas.

The comfort and safety of seniors is always our priority at Happy At Home – In Home Care Inc. We can also help and assist you in other challenges you are facing while taking care of your aging loved one. We offer quality non-medical home care in Venetia, Pennsylvania that you can always trust and rely on.

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