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The Causes of Stress and Burnout in Caregiving

The Causes of Stress and Burnout in Caregiving

Caregiving can be done either by a family member or a hired caregiver. Whether you are a close relative of the senior or not, you can experience burnout in different factors. As a reliable provider of in-home care in South Hills, Pennsylvania, we want to share with you some reasons why you feel so stressed in providing care.

  • Unmet Expectations
    You might be one of those who believe that you have to work hard to get the success that you want. Frustration becomes the result when you didn’t meet the expectations you have set for yourself. When you are caring for an elderly person, you have to know what you can and what you cannot do, especially if the patient has a terminal illness.
  • Forgetting Self-Care
    Providers of non-medical home care in Venetia, Pennsylvania tend to connect caring to selflessness. Though this might be true, caregivers are still humans who need to take care of themselves. You should also look for your own well-being for you to have the best version of yourself when you provide assistance to others.
  • Taking on Too Much
    You are not Superman or Wonder Woman. You have to know what you are capable of and what you are not. Don’t take on too many responsibilities 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Try to manage and segregate the tasks on a particular day or period of time. If you need to do a lot of activities, asking for help from providers of home care services in Pennsylvania is the best possible solution.

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