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Getting to Know Appendicitis: What It Is and How It Happens

Getting to Know Appendicitis: What It Is and How It Happens

Appendicitis happens when the appendix becomes inflamed due to infection. An appendix that is blocked by either poop or a foreign body can cause bacteria to grow inside the organ and infect it. This will then lead to inflammation, which will cause pain.

Appendicitis can lead to severe results if not treated immediately. As a provider of in-home care in South Hills, Pennsylvania, we would like to share the following symptoms so that you will be aware when you are experiencing appendicitis:

  • Pain in the lower right side of the abdomen.
    The appendix is located in the right iliac region or the right side of the waist. This is mostly the first symptom you will experience.
  • A high fever.
    If the appendix is greatly infected, this will lead to a rupture. This lesion will then cause the bacteria and pus to spread into your belly, which will then go into your bloodstream.
  • A swollen belly.
    With appendicitis, your belly will feel very bloated and will grow in size. This condition will make it hard for you to take deep breaths, so make sure to breathe slowly and steadily.
  • Loss of appetite and inability to pass gas.
    Because of the pain in your abdomen, it will be very difficult for you to eat and drink. Once this happens, your ability to pass gas will also subside.

Your provider of home care services in Pennsylvania can assist you in going to the doctor and getting you diagnosed. Ultimately, you may undergo immediate surgery to take out the infected appendix.

At Happy At Home – In Home Care Inc., our caregivers can assist you in getting the right medical care through our companionship services. We offer non-medical home care in Venetia, Pennsylvania so that you can live life at home easily and comfortably.

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