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In Home Care in South Hills, Pennsylvania

Companionship Matters to Your Health, Too

The effects of illness, old age, or disability should not prevent you from retaining your independence in an environment that is most comfortable for you. In line with our mission to provide quality in-home care in South Hills, Pennsylvania, we also offer companionship services to prevent clients who live alone in their own homes, from … Continue reading

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Understanding Chronic Illness: How to Lend Support to a Loved One

The existence of a chronic illness should not keep a person from living a happy life. If your loved one suffers from a chronic illness, your role is very crucial in helping them pursue fulfillment in the midst of such a difficult circumstance. The question is: are you prepared to help them? As a provider … Continue reading

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5 Reasons Why Aging at Home is Ideal for Your Grandparents

Should your grandparents stay at home as they enjoy their aging years? Is your home sufficient for your senior loved ones’ conditions? Have you been entertaining these kinds of questions? If you’re still on that crossroad of decision-making, why don’t you weigh in the reasons listed below? As providers of Non-Medical Home Care in Venetia, … Continue reading

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7 Easily Forgotten Yet Crucial Things to Do When Caring for Your Senior Parents

Caring for the elderly does not only mean watching what they eat, encouraging them to exercise or assisting them with various tasks. The following are things you should do but you might easily forget when providing care to senior parents: Make the home safe for the elderly.  It is easy for your parents to overlook … Continue reading

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A Message to Primary Caregivers Out There

Being a primary caregiver might be taking a toll on you and the rest of your family. You have been adjusting a lot at work, failing to help your child with homework, and thinking that you do not have enough time for your partner. In short, your life right now is at its lowest point. … Continue reading

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Things That Help Your Elderly Create Happy Moments in Their Golden Years

It is both a privilege and a challenge to care for somebody in their golden years. These are years of transitions, changes, many times – feebleness and sorrow, and more restful moments. Happy At Home – In Home Care Inc. is a topnotch Non-Medical Home Care in Venetia, Pennsylvania. As an eager provider of Home … Continue reading

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