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Home Care Products

Home Health Care in South Hills, Pennsylvania

Home care products can help you or your loved ones monitor their conditions.

At Happy At Home – In Home Care Inc., we know that monitoring a medical condition is vital in managing it. We recommend having the products below available in your home.

This product allows you to get readings of your blood pressure levels in just a matter of minutes. It is color-coded, indicating the different levels of readings and where your current reading is at. This device is less than one co-pay at a doctor’s office. This is a must-have for seniors with hypertension.

Product #2 – Pulse Oximeter
Pulse Oximeter
CMS 50-DL Pulse Oximeter with Neck/Wrist cord

With a simple and relatively inexpensive, about $20, pulse oximeter, you can get readings for your pulse and oxygen levels. Depending on your condition, your doctor can advise you which levels are within healthy ranges for both pulse and oxygen levels. When you have this device available in your home, you can easily check if both of these levels are within your doctor’s recommended range. If not, you can immediately contact them. This is great for someone with medical issues or aged 65 years and older.